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Travels, health and love for life, in one place
Traveling is a mental state of happiness and well being, which fully nourish mind and soul: it’s a sensory awaking, waving understanding beyond our comfort zone.

That passion that drives us to meet new paths to live life has to go hand in hand to a lucid and consistent gastronomic tourism, emotionally healthy for both the traveler and the planet.

Wonderfood guides are born from the need to find a healthy reference point away from home, based on the vegetarian diet foundations. Food and places with conscious logic, sustainable and with no cruelty. Created by people who share the same concern of a life responsibly ethic with earth and its people.

Because we firmly believe that world discovering, doesn’t mean giving up the quality of fuel that drives us daily, we invite you to explore our conscious guides to know, think over and eat healthy, being from now on essential companions on your fascinating journey.

About Wonderfood
We are two responsible travelers, driven by our vegan philosophy (100% vegetarian), have decided to show all those places and people committed to this way of living consistent and solidary with the environment.
Travels + Love

Our guides are meant for travelers who want to have healthy food nutrition. In them you will find interesting articles related to the places you are visiting: information about local vegan and vegetarian restaurants and awake people who has chosen a sustainable and kind lifestyle, just like yours.

All this for a symbolic price on hand to everyone.

With your decisions you will help to those visited restaurants to thrive and grow even more, encouraging the vegetarian diet in the area. So you will contribute to expand the respect around the local environment. How powerful are your food choices! Use them to do good.

Our purpose

As a result of our commitment and responsibility as conscious travelers, we consider is our role donates 50% of the profits obtained from the guides to NGOs related to local social causes, environmental issues and animal protections groups, from the place you purchased the guide. Thanks to that, your "two cents" will directly impact on your ethic wellbeing, while helps us to build a world little better.

The remaining profit will be devoted, a 100% to develop new vegetarian guides at the major tourists destinations, to continue the enjoyment and delight of all travelers. No gimmicks, we want to be transparent and for you to know the reality of the project, so we will publicize our annual accounts, both expenditure and incomes.

What you read is what we are.

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